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Album OUT NOW!!!

Album OUT NOW!!!

ChuckRuh Productions´ first Album Release is OUT NOW!

“Leaving Earth with…” is a Down Tempo/ Chillout Album with electronic and acoustic elements. This album is the soundtrack of ChuckRuh Sonic´s Inner World, which includes loneliness, hopes and dreams, which was produced at a time when he sometimes wanted to leave this crazy world for a while if he could.

10 Slow Tracks (incl. instrumentals) with melancholic, dreamy and cinematic flavours. Put your Headphones on, close your eyes and leave the Earth for a while.

ChuckRuh Sonic´s First Official Video

ChuckRuh Sonic´s First Official Video

This is the First Official Video called Lone Soul´s IstanBlues”.

Allthough Istanbul is the largest City in Europe (Population: ca. 15 Million) and the only one in the World placed in Europe AND Asia, there are times ChuckRuh Sonic feels lonely. This is a little Story of a very usual Day in the City, where nothing much seems to happen. The Video was made by ChuckRuh Sonic himself, with self shot footages.

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